jeudi 8 mai 2008

Attachment fast?

So I knew that there was a reason why I went on a man fast. Life with men is just so complicated.

And this is when most people chime in and say, no life is only complicated if you make it complicated.

Well I call that bullshit, I can sit back and relax and my life would still be complicated. Whatever.

Texter update time!

And I really can't make this mess up, I should have posted this yesterday when it happened.

Texter has always been in my science classes because he has minors in biology and chemistry (like me), and his major is Secondary Education, and he wants to teach high school science. Now he's not from around here, but I am (obviously, and unfortunately), and to top it all off, my mum is the science coordinator and head of the science department for the middle school and high schools in our local public school district.

You will never guess where Texter started his pre-internship yesterday.

Thats right, at my old high school, where my brother currently goes to school, and my mother is one of his bosses.

Shut up. I still can't believe it!

We haven't spoken in 4 months and now he's back. And everywhere.

And now, for Boom Boom. I was considering calling him Bartender, but I feel like Boom Boom is more fun. Boom Boom used to bartend in the Boom Boom Room in Windsor Canada, hence the name Boom Boom. He's in the a cappella group that the roomie and I joined, and he's one of iGuy's best friends. Lordy.
I have absolutely no attraction towards him, he's just a nice, sweet, funny guy. And of course, he wants me. Sigh. Why? I have no feelings for him. Why is it so hard for me to find a guy that I want and who wants me back?

So he got my number off of Stalkbook (aka Facebook), and he started texting me last night while I was out to dinner and on my way to the movies with E.

It's my new theory that texting could be the downfall of relationships. What happened to good old fashioned calling and talking? Even though I do love me some texting. Hmmm...

So anywho, it continued when I got home from the movies, all the way to him calling me dearie and wishing me goodnight and sweet dreams.

I think my IQ drops a few points every time he calls me dearie, I swear to goodness.

Then of course I got the text this morning at 10h30 while I was in lecture asking how I slept and how my day was going so far.

Ugh. And yes, we are still texting right now. I really need to learn how to stop.

Wherever this is going it should be interesting. To say the least.

And in yet another boy news, S and I still have yet to hang out since he's been back from Cali, and he's going out of town again this weekend. Bummer. We also haven't been talking as much as we did before he left, but that's really because of our schedules just not matching up at all.

E and I talked about it and she said a lot of their friendship has to do with her making the first move or effort to talk or hang out. Which is odd when I thought about it because he and I never had that issue. But then again, he was always the one to initiate our conversations or us hanging out most of the time. So maybe it's just my turn. We'll see. That is if our schedules ever match up so that we're home or around at the same time.


So the roomie and I decided that instead of man fasting, we're just going to do an attachment fast. There is to be no emotional attachment to be had. I think that's the best plan. Texting, spooning, talking, and anything along those physical lines is allowed, just no emotional chow chow allowed.

Sounds like a game plan. Hopefully it'll work.
We also decided that none of the guys in my life are allowed to meet each other. Check.

Also, if you have not seen Forgetting Sarah Marshal, go see it right now! It is constantly funny and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a movie in I don't know how long!
I just got called "sweetie" in a text...not as bad as "dearie" but my IQ did drop a few. And right before lab. Sheesh.

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