vendredi 9 mai 2008


These are amazing.

I got the like from miss Pretty in the City for these Rap Graphs and I absolutely love them!

Some of my personal favorites

Power stance

Oh men and their power stances. What is it about that.

You know what I'm talking about. The feet hip (or more) length apart, spread out, hands on the hip (fists closed of course), with just a slight lean with the pelvic area positioned forward.

Very super hero like. Ok, so I have no room to talk because I have my own personal power stance, actually a few of them, that I enjoy using. They come in handy.

Texter gave me the hard core power stance today, when we actually talked, face to face, in person. No texting no messages, no nothing. In person for the first time since our falling out. And I didn't even realize it was happening until he was right there in my face.

I saw him this morning when I walked into our lecture hall, but I went and sat down where I usually do, and I'm getting out my notebook, and I look up, and there he is standing full stance mode, in his gorgeous red button down shirt and black dress pants. Yum, damn.

He wanted to brag about being at my old high school. He wanted to let me know that within his first two days there he broke up a fight and a kid took a swing at him.

Go figure, he is at my old high school.

But besides the point, he was doing a very male very powerful very, "I am man hear me roar, woo over me". And I did some work via Stalkbook (so sue me, I stalk), and he's not in a relationship with the girl (Barbie) I thought he was. And there's no sign of a relationship on there anywhere. I'm wondering if he just has that up.

Nope, my mind is not even going there.

But God he looked good today.

In other boy news, I feel like I always have an update to give on these three different guys. Time for S.

S and I are back to talking like normal, I think E was right and I just needed to make the first move. And since he was always the one to make the first move before, it's only fair that it's my turn. But he is out of town for the weekend. Bummer. But like he said to me last night, I'll be there in spirit. Ohh boys. I'm looking forward to my drunk dials/texts, his are always enjoyable. He's a great guy, I wish Will would get to know him.

I tried just casually bring up my birthday, and Will thinks that no guys should be allowed (except for him of course), seeing as we have the whole Sex and the City theme going on. S will be there though, there's no way he won't be. They will all just have to deal, it's my day, and I can't wait!

And now Boom Boom. Dear God. I feel like I should copy paste some of the messages he's sent me. He's in Canada for the weekend, and he can't text while he's there. So he's been sending me Facebook/Stalkbook messages. In fact, let me pull some up right quick.

Part of the first I got:

"Either way, nice talking to you tonight dearie- now we MUST make arrangements for going out for drinks and the ensuing funny ex-stories, dancing, and mayhem that will ensue =) I get the distinct impression that it can and will be a fun time for us to drink together lol.I hope the remainder of your evening goes splendid; in the meantime- you better be curling up in that bed at a decent hour =) Sweet dreams tonight, and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow =)"

And from the second

"In the meantime- you & I must work on getting you some appropriate sunwear to enjoy ;) Side note- nice profile photo; yea though I walk in the valley in the shadow of breast.. I shall..umm.. yeahhhhh hehehe.. I suppose if you got the goods, you might as well display properly, I mean, isnt that considered artistic expression ;)"

And I'm just gonna throw a little side note in here. My boobs, not big. Seriously, almost non-existent. I just know how to buy really great bra's. I LOVE Victoria's Secret. So I think it's funny that he thinks I have great boobs. They're a nice hand full (not that he knows that, but I do), but I really just graduated to a 36-B 2 years ago. Before then I could wear the same bra I had in middle school. And even now I'm barely a B. Just throwing it out there.

And from the third, from the end of quite the book I might add

"Additionally- as for sunwear, that can include anything from a cute outfit (that's yours to deal with lol) to sunglasses (which I can handle). I know you asked about it and so you and C may get to be my "test pairs" for this summer to make some higher end product.. you interested dearie?? So Victoria Secret and a tiara.. hmm sounds like an outfit or a Halloween costume lol ;)"

Yep, I got called dearie again. God I hate that.

Seriously, I need help with this guy. I am doing my best not to flirt with him at all. I am giving off all the "just friends" vibe. Drastic times call for drastic measures. iGuy knows I have a boyfriend, or thinks I have a boyfriend, why can't he tell him?? I might have to. I can handle that.

Any suggestions? I'm open to just about everything.

I think that's all for the update tonight. It's sad not too much else is happening in my life besides work and boys. I'm sure you all don't want to hear about the exciting Physics lectures I've been sitting through.

jeudi 8 mai 2008

Attachment fast?

So I knew that there was a reason why I went on a man fast. Life with men is just so complicated.

And this is when most people chime in and say, no life is only complicated if you make it complicated.

Well I call that bullshit, I can sit back and relax and my life would still be complicated. Whatever.

Texter update time!

And I really can't make this mess up, I should have posted this yesterday when it happened.

Texter has always been in my science classes because he has minors in biology and chemistry (like me), and his major is Secondary Education, and he wants to teach high school science. Now he's not from around here, but I am (obviously, and unfortunately), and to top it all off, my mum is the science coordinator and head of the science department for the middle school and high schools in our local public school district.

You will never guess where Texter started his pre-internship yesterday.

Thats right, at my old high school, where my brother currently goes to school, and my mother is one of his bosses.

Shut up. I still can't believe it!

We haven't spoken in 4 months and now he's back. And everywhere.

And now, for Boom Boom. I was considering calling him Bartender, but I feel like Boom Boom is more fun. Boom Boom used to bartend in the Boom Boom Room in Windsor Canada, hence the name Boom Boom. He's in the a cappella group that the roomie and I joined, and he's one of iGuy's best friends. Lordy.
I have absolutely no attraction towards him, he's just a nice, sweet, funny guy. And of course, he wants me. Sigh. Why? I have no feelings for him. Why is it so hard for me to find a guy that I want and who wants me back?

So he got my number off of Stalkbook (aka Facebook), and he started texting me last night while I was out to dinner and on my way to the movies with E.

It's my new theory that texting could be the downfall of relationships. What happened to good old fashioned calling and talking? Even though I do love me some texting. Hmmm...

So anywho, it continued when I got home from the movies, all the way to him calling me dearie and wishing me goodnight and sweet dreams.

I think my IQ drops a few points every time he calls me dearie, I swear to goodness.

Then of course I got the text this morning at 10h30 while I was in lecture asking how I slept and how my day was going so far.

Ugh. And yes, we are still texting right now. I really need to learn how to stop.

Wherever this is going it should be interesting. To say the least.

And in yet another boy news, S and I still have yet to hang out since he's been back from Cali, and he's going out of town again this weekend. Bummer. We also haven't been talking as much as we did before he left, but that's really because of our schedules just not matching up at all.

E and I talked about it and she said a lot of their friendship has to do with her making the first move or effort to talk or hang out. Which is odd when I thought about it because he and I never had that issue. But then again, he was always the one to initiate our conversations or us hanging out most of the time. So maybe it's just my turn. We'll see. That is if our schedules ever match up so that we're home or around at the same time.


So the roomie and I decided that instead of man fasting, we're just going to do an attachment fast. There is to be no emotional attachment to be had. I think that's the best plan. Texting, spooning, talking, and anything along those physical lines is allowed, just no emotional chow chow allowed.

Sounds like a game plan. Hopefully it'll work.
We also decided that none of the guys in my life are allowed to meet each other. Check.

Also, if you have not seen Forgetting Sarah Marshal, go see it right now! It is constantly funny and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a movie in I don't know how long!
I just got called "sweetie" in a text...not as bad as "dearie" but my IQ did drop a few. And right before lab. Sheesh.

mardi 6 mai 2008

EEEE! Excitement!

EEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited!

So apparently, according to Will, the Oprah episode on the Sex and the City movie got leaked and it's on Youtube right now! You know I already watched the whole thing!

I have never been more excited about a movie in my life! Not even when RENT came out and I made it back to the States from Paris two days before it was pulled out of theaters in my city!

You know you want the links and to watch it.

It's divided into six parts, so you can watch the first one HERE and then the links to the other parts are listed with it.

Oh and in case you didn't know, the movie comes out on my birthday! It's perfect! And only 24 more days to go!

In other news, you will never believe who is in my physics class this summer.


I shit you not. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Not only that, but we haven't spoken in 4 months since all of the drama. And he texted me today.

Bloody hell. I'll find out on Thursday if he's in my lab.

It's strange, but I almost feel the desire to be friends with him again. I know I know, bad bad BAD idea.

But, maybe not?

dimanche 4 mai 2008


I so wish I had a camera on me when this moment happened.

Not that I would even want to stop the moment, but God his face was priceless.

So this afternoon it was beautiful out so my roomie and I decided to walk to go get ice cream. Save on gas and burn calories while doing it. It's maybe a mile each way, tops.

So on our way back we stop on Will's campus since it's right there to eat, and it's beautiful and I know a fun spot that not too many people outside of his campus know about. So we eat, have fun. They were doing "spring fling" on the quad, we just kind of wandered and I looked around to see if I knew anyone. And of course I joke about running into Will's ex.

"I had often fantasized about running into my ex and his wife. But in those fantasies, I was running over them with a truck."

Thank you Sex and the City.

This is his ex, that put him through hell and back, multiple times, for two years. The guy who is gay, who won't come out, and is attached at the hip to his bitch best friend. May they both burn in hell for treating Will the way they did.

And well needless to say over the years I have managed to put the fear of God into this boy.

And I ran into him on their campus today.

Oh God was it fantastic.

We were just walking on our way home up a street, and I look over and who is sitting there but the two of them. And you know how you do the double take and then stare for a bit with the confused look on your face when you're trying to place how you know someone. Well we both did that. And then it hit me. And then it hit him.

And his jaw dropped.

I wish I could have captured that moment of realization on film.

It just made my whole day.

samedi 3 mai 2008

Oh and how much did I love this scene?

Did anyone else love it on Grey's Anatomy last night when Callie asked Meredith and Christina if they have ever been mistaken for a couple?

Callie: Did anyone ever think you two were a couple?
Meredith: No because we screw boys like whores on tequila.
Cristina: And then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves.

E could this be us? Or do I just relate way too much to this for my own good.

I'm so unbelievably happy that this show is back on with new episodes!

vendredi 2 mai 2008

I won!

I have officially won my first court case!

Woo hoo!

Finally, thank you goodness.

My former step-brother actually showed to! My face must have been priceless when he walked in the door. He had yet to show up to any of our previous 3 court dates. So the fact that he showed up to this last one is just baffling. He said that his mum and sister (my old step-mum and step-sister, we're all still pretty close) had been giving him a lot of shit for doing this all to me and not taking responsibility and such. Thank God they have some sense too. So he showed, said he would do whatever we wanted. So we went to trial, he testified, and we won!

Then I went to my dad's grave, and the cunt with no soul had been there. I know this because there was a wreath of flowers with a ribbon in the middle that said "dad". She has three kids, two daughters and one son. I don't hold anything against them, they can't help that they're mother is psychotic. And they're kids. You can't hold grudges against kids. But still. It kills me that they call him "daddy" and she's still keeping this mess up. I put two white roses by his grave (I always do two roses, one for me and one for my brother), and I was on my way back home again.

Will asked me to help him find a gift for his sister. He asked for my girl opinion. He sent me to Tiffany's website to go to town and pick out something for her since we have similar taste.

Why do I have a sneaky feeling that he's looking for something for my birthday? He was complaining the other day that he doesn't know what to get me.

The necklace at the top is my favorite. It's zoomed in so you can't see the whole thing, but hanging down is a pearl pendant. If you want to look at it go to Tiffany's website HERE.

If Will got me Tiffany's for my birthday I would have a stroke, and I would kill him. Granted I did buy him the Armani necklace he wanted for Christmas, but even so, that besides the point. He's done so much for me this last year, and just forever, so he earned something.

I would also really love a pair of Chanel earrings. The classic. I think every girl should have some.