dimanche 4 mai 2008


I so wish I had a camera on me when this moment happened.

Not that I would even want to stop the moment, but God his face was priceless.

So this afternoon it was beautiful out so my roomie and I decided to walk to go get ice cream. Save on gas and burn calories while doing it. It's maybe a mile each way, tops.

So on our way back we stop on Will's campus since it's right there to eat, and it's beautiful and I know a fun spot that not too many people outside of his campus know about. So we eat, have fun. They were doing "spring fling" on the quad, we just kind of wandered and I looked around to see if I knew anyone. And of course I joke about running into Will's ex.

"I had often fantasized about running into my ex and his wife. But in those fantasies, I was running over them with a truck."

Thank you Sex and the City.

This is his ex, that put him through hell and back, multiple times, for two years. The guy who is gay, who won't come out, and is attached at the hip to his bitch best friend. May they both burn in hell for treating Will the way they did.

And well needless to say over the years I have managed to put the fear of God into this boy.

And I ran into him on their campus today.

Oh God was it fantastic.

We were just walking on our way home up a street, and I look over and who is sitting there but the two of them. And you know how you do the double take and then stare for a bit with the confused look on your face when you're trying to place how you know someone. Well we both did that. And then it hit me. And then it hit him.

And his jaw dropped.

I wish I could have captured that moment of realization on film.

It just made my whole day.

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