vendredi 2 mai 2008

I won!

I have officially won my first court case!

Woo hoo!

Finally, thank you goodness.

My former step-brother actually showed to! My face must have been priceless when he walked in the door. He had yet to show up to any of our previous 3 court dates. So the fact that he showed up to this last one is just baffling. He said that his mum and sister (my old step-mum and step-sister, we're all still pretty close) had been giving him a lot of shit for doing this all to me and not taking responsibility and such. Thank God they have some sense too. So he showed, said he would do whatever we wanted. So we went to trial, he testified, and we won!

Then I went to my dad's grave, and the cunt with no soul had been there. I know this because there was a wreath of flowers with a ribbon in the middle that said "dad". She has three kids, two daughters and one son. I don't hold anything against them, they can't help that they're mother is psychotic. And they're kids. You can't hold grudges against kids. But still. It kills me that they call him "daddy" and she's still keeping this mess up. I put two white roses by his grave (I always do two roses, one for me and one for my brother), and I was on my way back home again.

Will asked me to help him find a gift for his sister. He asked for my girl opinion. He sent me to Tiffany's website to go to town and pick out something for her since we have similar taste.

Why do I have a sneaky feeling that he's looking for something for my birthday? He was complaining the other day that he doesn't know what to get me.

The necklace at the top is my favorite. It's zoomed in so you can't see the whole thing, but hanging down is a pearl pendant. If you want to look at it go to Tiffany's website HERE.

If Will got me Tiffany's for my birthday I would have a stroke, and I would kill him. Granted I did buy him the Armani necklace he wanted for Christmas, but even so, that besides the point. He's done so much for me this last year, and just forever, so he earned something.

I would also really love a pair of Chanel earrings. The classic. I think every girl should have some.

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