vendredi 9 mai 2008

Power stance

Oh men and their power stances. What is it about that.

You know what I'm talking about. The feet hip (or more) length apart, spread out, hands on the hip (fists closed of course), with just a slight lean with the pelvic area positioned forward.

Very super hero like. Ok, so I have no room to talk because I have my own personal power stance, actually a few of them, that I enjoy using. They come in handy.

Texter gave me the hard core power stance today, when we actually talked, face to face, in person. No texting no messages, no nothing. In person for the first time since our falling out. And I didn't even realize it was happening until he was right there in my face.

I saw him this morning when I walked into our lecture hall, but I went and sat down where I usually do, and I'm getting out my notebook, and I look up, and there he is standing full stance mode, in his gorgeous red button down shirt and black dress pants. Yum, damn.

He wanted to brag about being at my old high school. He wanted to let me know that within his first two days there he broke up a fight and a kid took a swing at him.

Go figure, he is at my old high school.

But besides the point, he was doing a very male very powerful very, "I am man hear me roar, woo over me". And I did some work via Stalkbook (so sue me, I stalk), and he's not in a relationship with the girl (Barbie) I thought he was. And there's no sign of a relationship on there anywhere. I'm wondering if he just has that up.

Nope, my mind is not even going there.

But God he looked good today.

In other boy news, I feel like I always have an update to give on these three different guys. Time for S.

S and I are back to talking like normal, I think E was right and I just needed to make the first move. And since he was always the one to make the first move before, it's only fair that it's my turn. But he is out of town for the weekend. Bummer. But like he said to me last night, I'll be there in spirit. Ohh boys. I'm looking forward to my drunk dials/texts, his are always enjoyable. He's a great guy, I wish Will would get to know him.

I tried just casually bring up my birthday, and Will thinks that no guys should be allowed (except for him of course), seeing as we have the whole Sex and the City theme going on. S will be there though, there's no way he won't be. They will all just have to deal, it's my day, and I can't wait!

And now Boom Boom. Dear God. I feel like I should copy paste some of the messages he's sent me. He's in Canada for the weekend, and he can't text while he's there. So he's been sending me Facebook/Stalkbook messages. In fact, let me pull some up right quick.

Part of the first I got:

"Either way, nice talking to you tonight dearie- now we MUST make arrangements for going out for drinks and the ensuing funny ex-stories, dancing, and mayhem that will ensue =) I get the distinct impression that it can and will be a fun time for us to drink together lol.I hope the remainder of your evening goes splendid; in the meantime- you better be curling up in that bed at a decent hour =) Sweet dreams tonight, and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow =)"

And from the second

"In the meantime- you & I must work on getting you some appropriate sunwear to enjoy ;) Side note- nice profile photo; yea though I walk in the valley in the shadow of breast.. I shall..umm.. yeahhhhh hehehe.. I suppose if you got the goods, you might as well display properly, I mean, isnt that considered artistic expression ;)"

And I'm just gonna throw a little side note in here. My boobs, not big. Seriously, almost non-existent. I just know how to buy really great bra's. I LOVE Victoria's Secret. So I think it's funny that he thinks I have great boobs. They're a nice hand full (not that he knows that, but I do), but I really just graduated to a 36-B 2 years ago. Before then I could wear the same bra I had in middle school. And even now I'm barely a B. Just throwing it out there.

And from the third, from the end of quite the book I might add

"Additionally- as for sunwear, that can include anything from a cute outfit (that's yours to deal with lol) to sunglasses (which I can handle). I know you asked about it and so you and C may get to be my "test pairs" for this summer to make some higher end product.. you interested dearie?? So Victoria Secret and a tiara.. hmm sounds like an outfit or a Halloween costume lol ;)"

Yep, I got called dearie again. God I hate that.

Seriously, I need help with this guy. I am doing my best not to flirt with him at all. I am giving off all the "just friends" vibe. Drastic times call for drastic measures. iGuy knows I have a boyfriend, or thinks I have a boyfriend, why can't he tell him?? I might have to. I can handle that.

Any suggestions? I'm open to just about everything.

I think that's all for the update tonight. It's sad not too much else is happening in my life besides work and boys. I'm sure you all don't want to hear about the exciting Physics lectures I've been sitting through.

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snookie a dit…

hunny don't be lieing about your bra size here too. We who know you best know about that 2 inch gap between your boobs and the bra cup. Just admit defeat and downsize my friend.