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Who has a spooning date?

Wow, time for an actual update!

Thanks for all the congrats on passing my Calc class, I'm so geeked about that you have no idea! And I also passed Anatomy and Orgo despite the raping that was our final. It was definitely my worst semester grade wise, but it was also a semester from hell for me, so I'm just glad I survived it. I can't believe I have to start back up with class on Monday.

That's right, I'm taking summer classes. Well, just 2 actually. Physics both of our summer sessions here. Blah.

And the store I work at has me working 31 hours next week on top of class and lab. Holy hell. Can we say Mafia will have no life? I think we can. That's what happens when prom and graduation season starts up. It's our busiest time of the year. My hands hate me. Between the past 3 days at work I have imprinted (by hand each one mind you with a little imprinting machine) over 45 packages of napkins and blown with a hand pump over a thousand 5" pearlized balloons (and those balloons were just today). I know that doesn't mean much to people, E and Snookie will appreciate it since they used to work with me, but needless to say my hands basically hate me right now.

So finals week came and went. I went shopping and bought 2 new dresses. One was black and white and gorgeous and I wore it to the banquet on Saturday, and the other is hot pink and I plan on wearing that on my birthday. Oh so fitting.

So now for the banquet that was the shit show of my weekend. For a refresher on what the banquet was see THIS post. Basically my dad was being awarded the lifetime achievement award, and my brother and I were asked to accept it at a banquet. I looked absolutely fabulous, which was helping with the all around awkward situation.

So I suppose I should take a few steps back and give a back story to the cunt who can burn in hell, AKA my dad's fiance before he died. This woman will haunt me until the day I die. To make a long story short, she's insane, was a possible con-artist (shit you not, the woman had moved some odd 30 times and had at least 5 different identities). This bitch was suing me within a week of me burying my dad, she also changed her and her 3 children's last name to our last name, stole things from him, payed for his funeral with his own business state credit card, put incorrect information out in his obituary, and has basically made my life a living hell. Oh and PS, she had a new boyfriend within 2 months of him dying. In a nutshell. Which is why she'll be called the cunt with no soul who will burn in hell. Harsh words, but so deserving.

She is also an EMT, so the odds of her being at this banquet are pretty high. Whatever, as Will said and I did not follow his advice, is I'll just have to mentally prepare myself for that. So we get there, people ask to take our picture, we're getting tons of looks because my uncle was also there and he looks JUST like my dad it even still scares me sometimes. Everything is fine and dandy, we shake a few hands, talk to people, eat. And then it comes to be time to accept the award that no one knew was coming. So the woman who is president of the EMS Expo gets up and starts talking, and she starts crying because she was friends with my dad, this other guy gets up there and starts talking, and he starts crying. I start crying, the whole room of hundreds of EMT's start crying, a mess basically. So she says "Pauls's (my dads actual name) children are here, and I'm going to call them up, but I'd like to show you all this video that was put together first."

So this powerpoint presentation comes up with some cheese-tastic music playing. And it's saying words like, loyal, caring, loving, dedicated. And then it gets fishy when it starts to say, daddy, husband, partner....

I swear to God I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Because then it happened.

Her "name" came up. Honoring my dad, with his middle name spelled wrong of course, made in loving memory by Tammy (cunts real name too) ______(my last name).

I damn near fell out of my chair. My mum grabbed my leg so hard.

The audacity.

And then came up pictures of her and him. And her children. There was one picture with my little brother and her kids. Nowhere was I mentioned. Not that I wanted to be, this was about him and his life and his work. But damn. Put her kids in there and not me? WTF? Seriously.

So I started balling my eyes out. I couldn't even tell you what half of the presentation was. I was too busy trying to not completely fall apart because I had to go up on stage and smile and accept this award like nothing was wrong.

I don't think I have ever wanted to get out of a room so quickly in my life.

So basically I spent the rest of the night crying. It was a blast let me tell you what.

Whatever, just not thinking about it any more.

And then I slept a whopping 3 hours that night tops. I just couldn't sleep, and when I finally fell asleep my gay boyfriend called me when he got done bartending at 3am to see how I was. Then S texted me at 2am his time (he was in Cali at the time), which meant it was 5am my time. Sheesh. Apparently I'm not allowed to sleep. We texted for about an hour, and at about 3 am his time (6am my time, the birds were definitely up and chirping) he sent me this text:

S: Why are you still up?

Me: I couldn't sleep. And this drunk keeps texting me. Why are you still up, isn't it past your bedtime?

S: Time change.

Me: It still makes it 3am there.

S: Yeah but this sober chick keeps texting me.

Yep, I definitely said goodnight and ending our texting banter after that.

So yes, S is back in town. He got back in at about 11pm on Monday night. We haven't had the chance to hang out yet since he's been back, oh well it'll happen eventually.

E don't get any ideas. I know you're reading this and have all sorts of crazy things running through your head. Speak to him and I'll kill you. With love of course.

My birthday is in 29 days! How excited am I? And you know that means that's when the Sex and the City movie comes out! So E and Will and I have started to semi plan out the big weekend event that is my birthday. Basics include drinking with my mum, dinner with friends, and then out for two heavy nights of drinking at the bars. I'm so unbelievably excited you don't even know.

But get this shitty thing. I was talking to Will about the plans, small dinner with close friends. I say it'll probably be him, and E, me, S, the roomie, and then maybe another girlfriend, or maybe Will's boyfriend. We'll see. And Will is just like, "I'm not coming if S is going to be there. You have to decide which of us you want to be there."

What. The. Fuck.

Really? Will really? Are you going there? Because you know I'll have to choose the best friend. But I made the executive decision that it's my birthday, I will have whomever I want to be there, and Will will just have to put up with S being there. Especially since I already told S he was invited, which is just kinda something we both assumed.

I don't know why Will doesn't like him. I'll just have to tell S to make nice with him or something. Will has absolutely no reason not to be friends with S. Who knows. Once again E, should you see this, you are not allowed to bring anything up in this blog to the boys, you know the deal :)

So that's my plan. Plus my birthday is still a month away, lots could change in that time.

I have to go to court again tomorrow. Boo. I am so not looking forward to that. Especially since Will can't come with me this time since he has a midterm (he goes to a different school than I do). Ugh. I'm so in denial about having to go. Even though I have to be up bright and early to be on the road. God I'm so sick of this estate mess.

Oh and lastly to the title of my post. I'm sure E will appreciate it. So the roomie and I ended up going to the acappella group that I talked about in THIS post. It was an absolute blast, you have no idea. Everyone is amazing, we all just clicked, the voices blended, our personalities meshed. Amazing basically.

So the guy that founded the group is a really cool guy. Funny, nice, and E and I thought a bit of a creeper at first. Hmm, he needs a nickname. iGuy. Because he has an iPhone and is FOREVER on it all the time, and the name Texter was already taken. So iGuy is always texting me and the roomie about rehearsals and just mess in general, and this was before we even met him. Mind you he tried to do this to me during finals week, but I just ignored him, so no issues. But one day he was texting me and I was at work and couldn't text back. And he does this annoying thing if you don't respond to him right away.


Seriously, he'll text "ahem" as if he's clearing his throat. Drives me INSANE. So anywho, E and I are out shopping and then out to dinner and he texts me again. Sheesh. So I just end up telling him I have a boyfriend (E's idea by the way, I was pondering saying that anyways, but of course I love her encouragement). So I say "Sorry I can't talk, I'm out with the bf"

That shut him up real quick.

So we go to the rehearsal, and then go out to dinner with the group. It's an amazing time. He's no longer too creeper with the texting, he's redeemed himself. So fast forward to Tuesday night. He's talking to my roomie online after we watched 27 Dresses and it put her in quite the romantic mood and wanting to spoon and what not. So they talk and he suggests a cuddle date.


So the roomie and I and iGuy and one of his friends from the group all went out to dinner last night, and then iGuy came back to our house with his pajamas and all (like they had talked about), and they curled up in her bed at 12h30 in the morning to watch Harry Potter and spoon. And he's back tonight too. They're in there right now watching Star Wars. Yes they are dorks. No offense to any other dorks out there. I'm a dork, but in the science or music kind of way. Not the dorky kind of dork. You know what I mean. And they're just spooning.

My roomie doesn't have a fuck buddy, she has a spoon buddy.

Hmmm...I see this going somewhere between the two of them.

Alright I think thats all. Holy hell I'm sorry that was a long post, this is why I shouldn't go this long with out updating. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes in court tomorrow. The goal is to not to be thrown in jail for contempt of court for telling off the judge. People start pooling your bail money now.

And guess what comes out on DVD on Tuesday...

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