mardi 29 avril 2008



I think this calls for a bottle of wine in celebration!

And I bought "27 Dresses" on DVD today! So watching that with the roomie tonight.

And I swear there will be a real update later. Right now I definitely have a few bottles of opened wine calling my name.

mercredi 23 avril 2008

Mental break

I'm taking a mental break from the studying for a few minutes. Because, well, to be honest, I don't know how much more information I can get into my head after the brutal mental raping that was my orgo final. Don't ask. Hell on earth. Actually, hell would have been nice compared to that exam. I'm still sore from the ass kicking it gave me. Eish.

According to my gay boyfriend (not to be confused with Will, my gay husband), I have the same figure as Mariah Carey (I look nothing like her in any way shape or form in my opinion). I think he's out of his damn mind. But basically he thinks that I need to be her for Halloween this year. And yes he realizes that Halloween is months and months away. He also thinks that I should wear the dress she wore in Glitter. There is a snowballs chance in hell of this happening.

My step-dad is out of town at a conference and he is near one of the best malls in the state, or even in the surrounding states for that matter. I'm so jealous. He didn't realize how amazing it was though of course because of his middle-aged male status. He asked me one day when he found out where they were going

Step-dad: So the women I'm going to this conference with are pretty excited because we're going to be right near ______. Have you heard of it?

Me: WHAT?! Of course I've heard of it! Oh my God!

So he texted me tonight to let me know they were within walking distance and it was maybe 50 yards away. I told him he HAS to go check it out.

Can we tell I'm a shopaholic?

I want him to go to the J.Crew store there and get me this dress

Or this one

Or the one I really wanted for the banquet on Saturday

Love the man to death, but even in J.Crew with these pictures in hand I don't think I would trust him to buy me a dress.

Oh well because I get to go shopping with E on Friday! Thank goodness, I need some major retail therapy, especially after this week.

All I can think about is going to the beach. It has been so beautiful here and I've been cooped up inside cramming and studying my booty off. I have Monday and Tuesday off next week, so I'm thinking a trip to the beach is definitely in order.

Alright, mental break over. Time to get back to cramming anatomy.

mardi 22 avril 2008

I've got skill...or something like that

I just realized that I cooked and ate my first meal since Sunday....maybe. It could also be Saturday night when I went out with the girls.

My ability to live off of coffee and various lattes is obscene. I should really be studied.

Or put in rehab. One of the two.

2 classes 2 labs down, 2 classes to go

I officially survived my calc final. Phew. And it didn't go horribly. I'm praying I pass.

I got a shit ton of errands done this morning. Check. I even ate my first meal in like 2 days. Winner.

I'm officially done with Psych, Calc, Anatomy lab, and Orgo lab.

I just have to survive my Orgo final tomorrow (See above for one of probably 100 reactions I have to know...eish) and then my Anatomy final on Thursday.

Annnnnnnnnnd break!

lundi 21 avril 2008

Panic time

T-minus 3 hours until my calc final.

Yes, I am beginning to stress/panic.

My roomie today came in my room and said:

"You might want to eat something solid and hold off before your next pot of coffee. And a shower sometime would probably be good too. Don't worry, I already told people you're going to be MIA the next few days."

God I hate finals.

And my lawyer wanted me to meet with him today. People want more money from me. Go figure.

Oh stress.

Oh, and I had a dream last night I was getting married. Scary.

samedi 19 avril 2008

"What? The butt?"

I have had such a crazy busy day and an amazing night. Basically.

I went out to dinner with some of my psych girls. J has the morals of the group, we nick-named M the man of us, L the old married woman, and me, well of course I'm the mistress.

Makes sense right?

We are Sex and the City in a nutshell. We are always the loudest and just most obscene, and probably the most entertaining people in any restaurant we set foot in. People never cease to gawk and look and we always manage to turn heads, both because of what we look like, and of how we act/what crazy things we say.

And of course this night was no different. Now we only get the chance to go out as our foursome every once in a while, so we always have to catch up, tell stories, re-live moments, so everything imaginable comes up in conversation. I love it. I can't even begin to explain how much I love these girls.

At one point in the night, there is a table across from our booth, and they are being served by this hot waiter. He happens to have his back facing us right near our table, so the only logical thing is to check out his very lovely booty. So I do it, I see L do it, and she see's me so we start laughing. M see's J do it, so they laugh, and so we all know that we all did the same thing. Except J, bless her little ministers daughters heart, didn't catch on that we were all laughing about staring at his ass. So she goes, "What?! The butt??" as loud as can be just as he's walking by our booth. Priceless.

Not only this, but we have this adorably cute waiter, in that hot but attainable way. So its four girls all dolled up for a Saturday night, so of course he is going to flirt. The man wants a good tip doesn't he?? But J is convinced that he is just ogling (her word) me and that I should leave my number. Mind you they all know about S, but they are convinced that this guy has to have my number. So after many an awkward conversation and laughter that this poor guy has endured from us, we leave him an A-MAZ-ING tip, and get ready to leave. But of course, M grabs her bill that she left, her pen, and leaves him my number with this note:

"(My number at the top) Call _____(my name), the hot blond in the corner with the red necklace..."

And then I didn't catch the rest, which worries me, because well, M is insane. So we shall see if I get a random call from a guy in the next day or two.

Oh and his name is the same as one of my ex's. Can we say a bit awkward? I think we can.

So of course I tell will about this and he is not so excited, maybe you just had to be there.

I think he was just bummed that I didn't want to go out to a house party with him and his roommates. For one, house party? No. Two, a house party by kids at his school? No. Thirdly, I spent 4 hours this morning/afternoon doing calc, and then worked for 5 hours, and then went out and I have finals this week and I'm HELLA stressed? No. I'm just beat. The stress is starting to get to me, I can feel it.

This girls night was my last fun night before I start studying non-stop until Thursday at 12h15 when I will officially be done. THANK GOD. I am going to be consuming an obscene amount of coffee in the next few days.

Oh and I'm also trying to figure out what dress to wear to the banquet I'm going to to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award in honour of my dad next weekend. So of course I need a new dress. And shoes. And accessories. My roomie was like "Don't you think you already have something you could wear? Or shoes at least." My response? "Do you even have to ask that?"

So I need votes. I'm thinking this might be the one

But I'd really love this one:

But definitely not appropriate for the occasion. Oh well, maybe next time. So thoughts? Or suggestions for other dresses you've seen and loved? I have a week and I have to look BEYOND fabulous for this event.

Well I'm thinking its time for me to pass out in front of the TV for a few and then call it an early night. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow, you have NO idea!

vendredi 18 avril 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3

In 9 days the roomie and I will be rocking out together once again.


We're joining a local vocal acapella group. I guess they do classical, jazz, musical theater, the works. I'm pretty geeked not gonna lie. I haven't performed with a group since I was in Paris.

Oh and PS, I've been known to sing a tune or two. I'm a bit rusty, but I can work on that one.

And I am officially done with classes for the semester. THANK YOU GOD. I really didn't think that I would see the day. Now just a calc review session tomorrow and 3 finals and I'll be good to go.

I say that like those are going to be easy things to survive.

"Are we muting? Because we're creepers? Should we turn out the lights too. I wish we could turn up their volume."

God we are such nosy neighbors.

Oh and PS, I think I might miss him. Bloody hell.

I'm not going completely insane

So I'm not going completely insane! Thank God, I thought maybe the stress was getting to me.

We had an earthquake last night! At about 5h30 in the morning. Ok, we didn't have one, but there was a big one about 350 miles away from us. Now this usually doesn't happen here....At all. So when I woke up feeling like my bed was shaking I thought I was loosing my damn mind. I've been through earthquakes before in Cali, so I know what they feel like, but I was convinced in my head that there is no way we could feel one where I am.

So obviously, after being woken up at 5h30 in the morning to a shaking bed I thought I had finally snapped. Luckily I heard them talking about it on the radio this morning.

Phew, no need to lock me up in the loony bin yet!

Off to my last day of classes!

jeudi 17 avril 2008

Sleep would be amazing right now

God what I would give to be in a big fluffy bed like this right now.

Gotta love the end of the semester.

Seriously, I can't believe that I've made it through this semester. I have two more lectures tomorrow and then I just have to survive finals. I say just like this will be an easy thing. Shoot me now and get it over with please.

I was ready for bed at 10 tonight, that should be a sign that I should call it an early night. Yep, I think that's gonna happen.

It was soooo beautiful here today! 70 and sunny! Spring is finally officially here, thank goodness! I love being able to drive with my windows down just blasting my music. I think it'll be time to hit the beach soon. That reminds me, I need a new bathing suit.

"I'm a doctor. And I'm single. Project Runway is all I have!"

Wow, that's so going to be me in 10 years. Thank you ER.

So now, just out of curiosity, with absolutely no basis or anything

"Speaking as a completely third party objective with absolutely no personal interest in the matter..."

Thank you "She's the Man" for that. Kudos to anyone who caught that reference before I said what it was.

Why do people feel the need to put labels on things? Like relationships for that matter. I think that if two people are having fun why ruin it with a label? I've never been one for labels. I'm not a fan. Just throwing the issue out there.

I'm watching "Will and Grace" with the roomie. Will's dad just died. It's been 9 months since my dad died today.

I need to go shopping. Ah retail therapy.

dimanche 13 avril 2008

My "surprise"

So I realized I never updated everyone with my surprise at work from S. Probably because there wasn't one. When I talked to him later on that night I managed to pry it out of him. He was just going to bring back my jumper cables that he borrowed from me a good two weeks ago now when his car died. And of course I'd get to see him, which he thought was a great gift in and of it's self. Hahaha oh boys.

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Life has been crazy between classes and house sitting and going back and forth. Thank goodness that's all over. I am officially moved all back into my house. Yay! Thank goodness. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night, even if it was only for a few hours. I really need to learn how to get a good nights sleep again.

Such a good weekend though, party at Will's for two of his friends birthday, out for dinner and drinks last night for E's birthday. All around a good time.

I'll update more later, but for now it's time to start making anatomy flashcards since I've put that off all weekend!

dimanche 6 avril 2008

Ruh roh

I'm fairly positive I'm going to fail calc. Damn. God if you're up there, just give me a C, please?


vendredi 4 avril 2008

How do they do it?

How can guys have such a hold on us? My man fast is not going well at all. S just called me, he was being driven from one bar to another, and he wanted to call me.

Ah the joys of drunk dials.

It was interesting to say the least. In his drunken state he did manage to ask me how the house sitting is going and he asked if I was lonely, yada yada. He asked if I was going to be up for awhile, all that fun stuff. I told him I would so he said he would call me and he might come keep me company. But of course I informed him that I have to be to work at 9h30 in the morning.

Which is when the conversation got a bit interesting. He told me that there just might be a surprise for me at work at some point tomorrow. WHAT?! I'm going to not read into it, but what??? Seriously? And then he said that he was sorry he had been, God how did he word it? "I'm sorry I've been standing you off a bit this week, I'm sorry I shouldn't be a jerk, I promise I won't be anymore. "

Color me confused?

And my possible (meaning I won't get my hopes up) surprise at work? I probably should have told him that I was going on a job for part of the time I have to work.

And the best part of the Pride and Prejudice is on right now. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are in the fields.


Oh Mr. Darcy...

Oh how I would love to have a Mr. Darcy

Yep, guess what is on TV right now :) Thank you Oxygen channel once again for amazing chick flicks on Friday nights.

So it's time for an actual update!

And yes I'm at home on a Friday night, but not technically, it's my old home. My family left for Florida this morning for their spring break and they left me here to house sit and to take care of our pups. And these pups are not so small and they have already managed to crawl over me. I have the feeling that I'm going to smell like dogs and be covered in their fur all this week. Oh well such is life with dogs.

So where to begin with this week. It has been insane. I had 3 exams, Anatomy on Monday and Orgo and Calc on Wednesday. Plus labs and other lectures of course. This tends to happen at least 3 or 4 times a semester, when I just have a week full of exams. But the good news is, I ROCKED. I got an A on my Anatomy exam and a B on my Orgo exam. This is HUGE for me. These classes were kicking my ass. Well they still probably are, but now there's hope! Calc hoed my life though. Oh man. Here for you, describing my calc exam when I got done with it, is the text, verbatim, what I sent to Will:

"OMG that calc exam was like being raped by a creeper with AIDS with a 12 inch dildo and no lube while being forced to listen to nails on a chalk board...dear God"

Basically. I definitely got a message back saying "Hahaha funniest text ever!"

So that class is iffy at this point. I'm hoping my prof will humor me and pass me. I just need a C. Common, math is not my forte, just do this for me!

I so with I had my camera with me right now, my baby girl, our girl dog, Sabrina (I hate that name, I call her Beaners, after the coffee shop) is sitting on the ottoman next to me, with her legs crossed, it is the cutest thing ever. And now of course she is licking my hands as I'm attempting to type. Not an easy thing to do.

What else, I feel like there was so much more to say before. The Boy Formally and I are definitely on the friend track, and I'm ok with that. We're definitely not each others type. At least I don't think I'm his type. I think it's good for me to have guy friends that are straight.

So we shall see how this all will go. My life is quite interesting. God my phone just started ringed "Let's Hear it for the Boys" ringer for my gay boyfriend (not to be confused with my gay husband, Will), which of course managed to wake up both of the dogs. Great. His voice mail

"The reason why you're not answering your phone better be because you are getting fucked harder than you have ever been fucked in your life by S. I'm going to (insert local gay bar name here) and I was hoping that you would go out with me."

Hmmm to go to the gay bar or no. I really should. I'll give him a call when I finish this up.

So I ordered 3 movies on DVD online the other day. I love the new and used DVD selections on, it makes it so much easier to get great DVD's. So guess what I got? One of the best female movies ever!

Iron Jawed Angels.

If you have not seen this you need to go rent it, or better yet go out there and buy it! I first saw this in my Women's Studies class last year. It's an HBO movie staring Hilary Swank, Anjelica Huston, Frances O'Connor, Patrick Dempsey, and about a million other amazing actresses and actors. It is all about the Women's Suffrage Movement, and getting the right to vote for women. Hilary Swank plays the role of Alice Paul, and she is incredible. I really do think that this movie should be a requirement for all women, and men for that matter, to see. It is so inspirational, I always feel like getting out there and fighting for a cause. God what I would give to have lived in that time and fought for what they fought for. Girls and women these days don't know how hard it was for women, and that it was not until recently that we even had the basic rights such as the right to vote, the right to birth control, and the rights over our own bodies. All of these things came about within the past 100 years, and there is still so much more to fight for. That's right people, I am definitely a full blown feminist here. Watch out!

So seriously, watch that movie. It is on my list of must see's, and one of my favorites of all time.

Well this has been quite the post, and did I really get much out? I like to think so. So now lets see what this Friday night might bring....

Best postcard EVER

I definitely just got this postcard in the mail from Snookie today. BEST postcard EVER.

Not only for the lovely pictures on the front, but for what she said too. So she wrote me a little something, and then on the side she had this little caption:

"Since last I knew you were man fasting. I thought a bit of dick would brighten your day! :)"

God I love her and miss her so much!

Real updating post to come later when I start house sitting!

mardi 1 avril 2008


My man fasting skills suck. I really need to work on that.

Sigh. It's been such a long day. I feel bad for not posting a real post.

I got served this weekend. And not in the cool dance off kind of way, but in the lame legal kind of way. So I had a good hour long meeting with two of my lawyers this evening. They are pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. I am really waiting for the day though when I'm in the lab and the police just bust in and arrest me for God knows what. Will assures me that this is not how the system works, but hey, this is my life we're talking about.

I had an anatomy exam this morning. I have an orgo and a calc exam on Wednesday. Blah. I'm not sleeping tomorrow night.

I did get to hang out with some of my girls (and Will of course) this weekend which was fun.

S and I continue our interesting conversations, always a fun time. He really is a great guy. It's just confusing sometimes. Je sais pas. I'm a magnet for unavailable men. Go figure.

I am way too sleepy to think about anything else.

"Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles is my life theme song right now.

I promise a real update in the near future!