lundi 21 avril 2008

Panic time

T-minus 3 hours until my calc final.

Yes, I am beginning to stress/panic.

My roomie today came in my room and said:

"You might want to eat something solid and hold off before your next pot of coffee. And a shower sometime would probably be good too. Don't worry, I already told people you're going to be MIA the next few days."

God I hate finals.

And my lawyer wanted me to meet with him today. People want more money from me. Go figure.

Oh stress.

Oh, and I had a dream last night I was getting married. Scary.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck on your exams!!

nat a dit…

Good luck with the calc. Blah lawyers, about to have to find one of those for my boy. Hmm, marriage dream?? That is more a nightmare to me. Ha ha. :)

Jenamie a dit…

Thanks for the luck guys!!

And yes Nat, the marriage dream is definitely more like a nightmare. Usually they involve me being dragged down the isle or being chased down the street by bridesmaids. No joke, so this one could almost me considered a dream. Still scary though :)