vendredi 4 avril 2008

How do they do it?

How can guys have such a hold on us? My man fast is not going well at all. S just called me, he was being driven from one bar to another, and he wanted to call me.

Ah the joys of drunk dials.

It was interesting to say the least. In his drunken state he did manage to ask me how the house sitting is going and he asked if I was lonely, yada yada. He asked if I was going to be up for awhile, all that fun stuff. I told him I would so he said he would call me and he might come keep me company. But of course I informed him that I have to be to work at 9h30 in the morning.

Which is when the conversation got a bit interesting. He told me that there just might be a surprise for me at work at some point tomorrow. WHAT?! I'm going to not read into it, but what??? Seriously? And then he said that he was sorry he had been, God how did he word it? "I'm sorry I've been standing you off a bit this week, I'm sorry I shouldn't be a jerk, I promise I won't be anymore. "

Color me confused?

And my possible (meaning I won't get my hopes up) surprise at work? I probably should have told him that I was going on a job for part of the time I have to work.

And the best part of the Pride and Prejudice is on right now. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are in the fields.


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voiceinmyhead a dit…

oh the suspense is killing me....what is the surprise?