vendredi 18 avril 2008

I'm not going completely insane

So I'm not going completely insane! Thank God, I thought maybe the stress was getting to me.

We had an earthquake last night! At about 5h30 in the morning. Ok, we didn't have one, but there was a big one about 350 miles away from us. Now this usually doesn't happen here....At all. So when I woke up feeling like my bed was shaking I thought I was loosing my damn mind. I've been through earthquakes before in Cali, so I know what they feel like, but I was convinced in my head that there is no way we could feel one where I am.

So obviously, after being woken up at 5h30 in the morning to a shaking bed I thought I had finally snapped. Luckily I heard them talking about it on the radio this morning.

Phew, no need to lock me up in the loony bin yet!

Off to my last day of classes!

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