mercredi 23 avril 2008

Mental break

I'm taking a mental break from the studying for a few minutes. Because, well, to be honest, I don't know how much more information I can get into my head after the brutal mental raping that was my orgo final. Don't ask. Hell on earth. Actually, hell would have been nice compared to that exam. I'm still sore from the ass kicking it gave me. Eish.

According to my gay boyfriend (not to be confused with Will, my gay husband), I have the same figure as Mariah Carey (I look nothing like her in any way shape or form in my opinion). I think he's out of his damn mind. But basically he thinks that I need to be her for Halloween this year. And yes he realizes that Halloween is months and months away. He also thinks that I should wear the dress she wore in Glitter. There is a snowballs chance in hell of this happening.

My step-dad is out of town at a conference and he is near one of the best malls in the state, or even in the surrounding states for that matter. I'm so jealous. He didn't realize how amazing it was though of course because of his middle-aged male status. He asked me one day when he found out where they were going

Step-dad: So the women I'm going to this conference with are pretty excited because we're going to be right near ______. Have you heard of it?

Me: WHAT?! Of course I've heard of it! Oh my God!

So he texted me tonight to let me know they were within walking distance and it was maybe 50 yards away. I told him he HAS to go check it out.

Can we tell I'm a shopaholic?

I want him to go to the J.Crew store there and get me this dress

Or this one

Or the one I really wanted for the banquet on Saturday

Love the man to death, but even in J.Crew with these pictures in hand I don't think I would trust him to buy me a dress.

Oh well because I get to go shopping with E on Friday! Thank goodness, I need some major retail therapy, especially after this week.

All I can think about is going to the beach. It has been so beautiful here and I've been cooped up inside cramming and studying my booty off. I have Monday and Tuesday off next week, so I'm thinking a trip to the beach is definitely in order.

Alright, mental break over. Time to get back to cramming anatomy.

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