mardi 1 avril 2008


My man fasting skills suck. I really need to work on that.

Sigh. It's been such a long day. I feel bad for not posting a real post.

I got served this weekend. And not in the cool dance off kind of way, but in the lame legal kind of way. So I had a good hour long meeting with two of my lawyers this evening. They are pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. I am really waiting for the day though when I'm in the lab and the police just bust in and arrest me for God knows what. Will assures me that this is not how the system works, but hey, this is my life we're talking about.

I had an anatomy exam this morning. I have an orgo and a calc exam on Wednesday. Blah. I'm not sleeping tomorrow night.

I did get to hang out with some of my girls (and Will of course) this weekend which was fun.

S and I continue our interesting conversations, always a fun time. He really is a great guy. It's just confusing sometimes. Je sais pas. I'm a magnet for unavailable men. Go figure.

I am way too sleepy to think about anything else.

"Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles is my life theme song right now.

I promise a real update in the near future!

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Tipp a dit…

My favorite line in that song is,

"Cinderella's on the bedroom floor, she's got a crush on the guy at the liquor store, cause Mr. Charming don't come home anymore and she forgets why she came here."

That is excellent writing.

She is amazing.

Hang in there.