dimanche 13 avril 2008

My "surprise"

So I realized I never updated everyone with my surprise at work from S. Probably because there wasn't one. When I talked to him later on that night I managed to pry it out of him. He was just going to bring back my jumper cables that he borrowed from me a good two weeks ago now when his car died. And of course I'd get to see him, which he thought was a great gift in and of it's self. Hahaha oh boys.

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Life has been crazy between classes and house sitting and going back and forth. Thank goodness that's all over. I am officially moved all back into my house. Yay! Thank goodness. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night, even if it was only for a few hours. I really need to learn how to get a good nights sleep again.

Such a good weekend though, party at Will's for two of his friends birthday, out for dinner and drinks last night for E's birthday. All around a good time.

I'll update more later, but for now it's time to start making anatomy flashcards since I've put that off all weekend!

2 commentaires:

snookie a dit…

felt good to sleep in your own bed?!!? I believe you are forgetting the true owner of that oh so wonderful piece of fluffy, heavenly furniture.

nat a dit…

Ha ha. I have a sofy spot for jumper leads. It was the first gift my boyfriend bought me before we were "official".