samedi 19 avril 2008

"What? The butt?"

I have had such a crazy busy day and an amazing night. Basically.

I went out to dinner with some of my psych girls. J has the morals of the group, we nick-named M the man of us, L the old married woman, and me, well of course I'm the mistress.

Makes sense right?

We are Sex and the City in a nutshell. We are always the loudest and just most obscene, and probably the most entertaining people in any restaurant we set foot in. People never cease to gawk and look and we always manage to turn heads, both because of what we look like, and of how we act/what crazy things we say.

And of course this night was no different. Now we only get the chance to go out as our foursome every once in a while, so we always have to catch up, tell stories, re-live moments, so everything imaginable comes up in conversation. I love it. I can't even begin to explain how much I love these girls.

At one point in the night, there is a table across from our booth, and they are being served by this hot waiter. He happens to have his back facing us right near our table, so the only logical thing is to check out his very lovely booty. So I do it, I see L do it, and she see's me so we start laughing. M see's J do it, so they laugh, and so we all know that we all did the same thing. Except J, bless her little ministers daughters heart, didn't catch on that we were all laughing about staring at his ass. So she goes, "What?! The butt??" as loud as can be just as he's walking by our booth. Priceless.

Not only this, but we have this adorably cute waiter, in that hot but attainable way. So its four girls all dolled up for a Saturday night, so of course he is going to flirt. The man wants a good tip doesn't he?? But J is convinced that he is just ogling (her word) me and that I should leave my number. Mind you they all know about S, but they are convinced that this guy has to have my number. So after many an awkward conversation and laughter that this poor guy has endured from us, we leave him an A-MAZ-ING tip, and get ready to leave. But of course, M grabs her bill that she left, her pen, and leaves him my number with this note:

"(My number at the top) Call _____(my name), the hot blond in the corner with the red necklace..."

And then I didn't catch the rest, which worries me, because well, M is insane. So we shall see if I get a random call from a guy in the next day or two.

Oh and his name is the same as one of my ex's. Can we say a bit awkward? I think we can.

So of course I tell will about this and he is not so excited, maybe you just had to be there.

I think he was just bummed that I didn't want to go out to a house party with him and his roommates. For one, house party? No. Two, a house party by kids at his school? No. Thirdly, I spent 4 hours this morning/afternoon doing calc, and then worked for 5 hours, and then went out and I have finals this week and I'm HELLA stressed? No. I'm just beat. The stress is starting to get to me, I can feel it.

This girls night was my last fun night before I start studying non-stop until Thursday at 12h15 when I will officially be done. THANK GOD. I am going to be consuming an obscene amount of coffee in the next few days.

Oh and I'm also trying to figure out what dress to wear to the banquet I'm going to to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award in honour of my dad next weekend. So of course I need a new dress. And shoes. And accessories. My roomie was like "Don't you think you already have something you could wear? Or shoes at least." My response? "Do you even have to ask that?"

So I need votes. I'm thinking this might be the one

But I'd really love this one:

But definitely not appropriate for the occasion. Oh well, maybe next time. So thoughts? Or suggestions for other dresses you've seen and loved? I have a week and I have to look BEYOND fabulous for this event.

Well I'm thinking its time for me to pass out in front of the TV for a few and then call it an early night. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow, you have NO idea!

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