samedi 8 mars 2008

Bienvenue, let's meet the cast!

So I was really struggling for awhile on how to start this first post. So much to say and too little web space. Why not start with a little intro to the main players in my life. Enjoy...

(Names have been changed of course into some witty nicknames)

Will: My best friend since 5th grade, the only guy I will probably ever fully trust. He is the straightest gay man you will ever meet, and one of the most beautiful too I might add. He broke quite a few girls hearts when he came out. We are Will & Grace, and we know just near everything about each other, and I honestly don't know what I would do without him

E: My favorite lady, who is actually sitting on the couch next to me with a glass of wine listening to Dixie Chicks (just for the record I don't typically listen to country music, but when I'm with her I make the exception :) ) We met when we were both princesses at my current place of work. No one ever guessed we would have become as close as we have, but what can I say, fabulousness attracts :) Don't know what I would do if I didn't have her, if only for company in drinking wine and eating chocolate cake late at night :)

Snookie: I have known this chicky since kindergarten. And I won't go into years, but lets just say I've known her my little brother's entire life. So he is our friendship in human form. And she's left me for bigger and better things on a study abroad trip in England right now. I miss her so unbelievably much, but I know she's having an incredible time, and I'm so happy that she's getting this opportunity. And she comes back to me in about 3 months!

My Team: I have a team, of lawyers that is. They are speed dial number 7 on my phone, and one of them has even now been known to text me on occasion. I employ half of a law firm here in my town, and I'm pretty sure I even stopped one of them from retiring early. They are amazing. I'm not one to mess with let me tell you what.

Annnd now the boys...

Texter: I'm hoping I will never have to mention him again in this blog. It is the relationship that never happened. And he is cut out of my life short of us having a class together. Just a little detail. Oh well.

Boy-formally-known-as-boy-with-a-girlfriend: A mouthfull right there I know. But we haven't been able to come up with a shorter or better nickname. We met in the lab (I spend obscene amounts of time in labs by the way), flirtation happened, and then it turned out he had a girlfriend. Bummer. Hence the first name as "Boy with a girlfriend". And then they broke up. I knew they weren't happy. And now that we spend at least 3 hours a day together every day of the week it kind of makes it difficult to not develop a crush. Oh, and he play guitar, in a folk band to be exact. Definitely not my scene, but oh well. I think we're almost to the just friends point. But we'll see. I'm not sure yet what I want us to be.

Plaid: I've never actually seen Plaid wear plaid, he actually wore A&F the first time we met. Which was through E, we all went out to dinner one night. Long story short, E's grandma knew he was moving here for a job and later on grad school, and wanted him to get to know some people. I have a tad bit of a crush, which would be much easier if he weren't in CO on a skiing trip. He should be back soon. I'm pretty excited to see where this goes.

And I guess the most important person I could mention is me. A lovely 20 something. I just keep on adding on things that I'm studying. I'm a Psychology major, with a concentration in pre-medicine, and minors in French, Biology, and Chemistry. I really should be a music major, or a business major. Because by the way I'm going to own a bar on an island one day. But I do love science and playing in the labs and all of that fun stuff. I can't wait to be an MD and work with all the real crazies. I study non-stop, and I swear I'm going to try and avoid posting about how much I hate school and what not.

My life is beyond insane. I really am going to submit it to Lifetime someday so they can make a movie or a mini-series about it because you can't make this mess up. It's too much to give back stories, but you know they're all gonna come up.

It really is such a hard time trying to talk about myself for a bit, so I'm just gonna stop, possibly go get myself another glass of wine, and belt out Disney music with E :)

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