lundi 17 mars 2008

I need a vacation

I talked to my mum earlier today, and she said I'm too young to need a vacation. I think it's bull. Especially since she leaves for a house boat in Florida in a month.
School would be so much easier if I didn't have anything else going on. Especially work. I swear to goodness I can't work all weekend before having a huge exam on a Monday. It's just not fair. I'm exhausted and I hardly have any time to get anything done. And I think it's bullshit I've worked every Sunday on my own since New Years with the exception of last week and then one week when I had the flu.
And don't give me shit that I put this studying off and it's my own fault I have to cram. I can hardly keep up from day to day with my work, throw an exam in there, and I'm fucked. Royally. I don't sleep. All I do is go to class, go to work, study, do homework, I meet with lawyers, I take trips out of town to where my dad lived because I'm the only one who can legally take care of things, I do it all. I sleep if there's time. And I'm barely hanging on. I'm probably going to fail yet another orgo exam tomorrow. Great.
Sorry this is a really bitchy and whiny post. I had to bitch for a moment. That's what my blog is for anyways right? For me to get my feelings out. Yep I thought so.
Life is a bitch right now.
I need a vacation.

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