dimanche 9 mars 2008

I already for got some...

So after the first post and I already realized that I forgot some.

First, my friends and I quote "Sex and the City" like it is our jobs, because well it's basically our life but not in the lovely city of NYC. Love it.

(Oh and the name of my city is so crazy, I'll just refer to it as the Zoo. And yes, "zoo" is the last 3 letters of the name of it. Annnnd Google! If you so desire)

And my name, as in Mafia Princess (Mafia for short :) ), I come from a very large Italian family. There's no such thing as the mob. And by no such thing as the mob, I mean my family was totally in it. Yes, we are that bad ass. Remember, you don't mess with me.

I also spent a year living in Paris, France. And to come back here it was a bit difficult to say the least. So this is for you Moey! My lover across the pond holding it down for me in Paris :)

Thats all, time to sing more Disney!

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