vendredi 14 mars 2008

Datable? I'm sorry there's a wait for your table

I really should have updated earlier, I had much more to say then. Oh well, I should start making post-its..."Remember to write this..."

I was talking to Will earlier (It's so odd to call him Will, because it's an actual persons name, versus Texter or Plaid or the Boy Formally, or even the initial E, and yet still not his actual name, but oh so fitting), and he made quite the funny comment:

Me: (after he tells me he's probably just going over to his boyfriends for the night): "I'm jealous, I want a boy's house to go over to."
Will: "Well you've got a lot of prospects, give it time."
Me: "This is true, but you know me, I'm impatient."
Will: "Well I'm sure any of them would have sex with you, but relationship first."

Hahaha....Oh we both got a good laugh out of that. Thanks sweetie. Good to know that I'm fuckable, but dateable, now that takes time.

And what prospects are we talking about here? Boy formally, Plaid? S?

That's right, we're adding S in there. Well I'm not, but E assures me that he's a great guy and is an amazing boyfriend. Back story time...S and I have known each other for a bit, through E. He's her best guy friend (straight too!), she calls him her brother. Like I said we've known each other for a while now, but it's always been in a large group setting. Recently we've started talking and hanging out on our own. He really is a great guy. But the amount of baggage he has could fill an airport. And not just a little air port, but massive Charles de Gaulle in Paris. I think it would be weird to date him personally, simply for the fact that he's like E's brother. That would just be odd. But it's fun to watch her squirm when she hears that we talk and hang out :) The bonus is that he lives literally 2 blocks away. Nice huh?

I texted Plaid tonight. I hadn't heard from him since, what, Sunday maybe? Whenever he got back from CO. He's all about the random texts, like "Just wanted to say hi, hope you're having a good day" kind of thing. So I figure I'll try it on for size, and send him a random one. It happened to be a beautiful 50 degree day here (a HUGE increase from the 0 degrees with 3 feet of snow we had a matter of weeks ago, seriously). So I text him and say "I just thought I'd say hi and I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day." Have I heard anything back? Of course not. It's only been 6 hours...

I realized what's bothering me about the Boy Formally. And its not him, well it is, but it's complicated. I was talking to my roomie and to E about it the other night after our study date. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something missing. And not the zsa zsa zsu. That was there, not in full force, but there was a bit of it. Enough to make me think there could be something there between us. And it hit me the other night what was missing. It's something in his personality. I have a very loud and outgoing personality. I'm quite the character if I do say so myself. There's that Marilyn Monroe quote that really does describe me:

"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control and at times I'm hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best."

I need a guy who has a strong personality too. Someone who can balance me out. And not in the way that I have a loud personality and he has a quiet one, but in the fact that he can be like "Listen, chill out" or "Buck up and do something about it". Basically I need someone who can stand up to me, instead of rolling over like a puppy dog and doing everything I say. And I'm not saying that the Boy Formally would be like that. Because when the two of us are together things are great, and he's funny and just, himself. But in public he's shy and quiet. And well, I'm not. It's so hard to describe. But I've done the nice guy and that blew up in my face (that's the story of the most recent ex...and boy is it a story, maybe I'll post about that later when it's not 12h40 in the morning), and I've done the jerk thing (*cough*Texter*cough*....Another story, we'll just have to do a story of the ex's). I need a guy who can be sweet and caring and funny, and yet still be able to be on my level personality wise. And as my roomie so kindly pointed out, S seems to fill that description. Oh well. Bad timing. Such is life.

I got a message today from a guy I went to high school with (woah blast from the past), and he used to claim to be in love with me. Hard core, head over heals, in love with me. And as fate would have it I think he's a bit insane and have never felt one ounce of attraction towards him. Turns out he's married and moved out to Cali. He just wanted to let me know that and see how I was doing. Can we say random? But as Will said, that's just how he is.

I helped Snookie plan her night in Paris! (And no, not like the porno. If we were going to plan one I would pick a much better one to copy off of). Since she's in England she's planning a tour across Europe for her spring break. She's staying in Paris for a night and so we found her a good hotel, which is actually one I used to walk by countless times when I lived there. It made me miss Paris so much you don't even know. I was thinking of all the things she should do and places she should see, and I just wish I could be there with her! Or be there at all. And to top it off I organized all the pictures on my computer tonight (definitely procrastinating from all the work I actually have to do, I'll be kicking myself in the booty later) and I saw all of my ones from there. I'll be back there someday, I know it.

I am craving chocolate cake so much right now. I gave up chocolate for Lent, so only a little bit longer til Easter!

I feel like there was something else to say (see this is when the post-its would come in handy), but I suppose if it were important enough to blog about I'd remember.

So on that note, and since it's about 1am, Happy Friday all! Have a fabulous day!

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