jeudi 20 mars 2008

This is amazing

His name is Kevin Connolly. He was born without the lower half of his body. Incredible enough as it is, add on to that, he seems like a pretty amazing guy, and he is one hell of a photographer. He traveled throughout Europe on his skateboard and took pictures of people getting their initial reactions to him. They are amazing. The pictures really manage to capture the people when their guard is down and their raw emotions are exposed in a way that just taking someones picture who's posing can't come near doing.

Even kids were captured

Seriously, check this guy out. His website is

And if anyone wants to buy me any of his photographs I would be oh so happy :)

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Tipp a dit…

Those pictures are so amazing. I am in awe of people living with a diability and still living their lives so fully.

Amazing story. I may share this on my blog too.