lundi 10 mars 2008

Study date with the Boy Formally....

Update time? Yep I think so.

So we got our assignment done, that's all. No other studying got done. Oh well, that's why I'm drinking a cup of coffee at midnight. Such is life.

So first. I got home from class and gave him a call (like I said I would). He picked up after two rings. Does that seem short? Or fast I should say? And yes I was counting so that I could over analyze later. I am being that girl. So we decided that we would study at his place. He has no roommates and mine was home with a friend of hers, and he also said he had a table. Yep, didn't take much convincing to get me over there.

So I get there, and it's a decent sized place, but it's in the basement of a house, so it's almost cave like. I wonder if he cleaned before I came? It didn't look bad at all, definitely a guys place though.

So we did or assignment and then we spent the whole rest of the time I was there talking. Just about random things. And he just makes me laugh, so hard. Which is amazing. My cheeks heart from smiling and laughing so hard. And yeah we're complete opposites, he's from a small town, I'm a city girl, he loves folk music, but I like that he has a passion for music, it really doesn't care what kind of music. But it turns out we are pretty similar. He does like wine (huge bonus!), and get this, he loves to take bubble baths! I know right? That's just insane. He can't wait to move into his new place so that he can have a bath. And we talked about going to the beach this summer, and I told him how I love to go and just sit and watch the sun set. And he said....wait for it...

"Well this summer we can get a bottle of wine and go do that."

We? Common, how romantic would that be. He could even bring his guitar. Holy goodness. Me, the boy, wine, the sunset. Could possibly be the most romantic thing ever.

So I would definitely say it went well. But he is a morning person. I left his place around 10h45 and he was getting ready for bed. It's midnight and I'm drinking coffee. But in his defense he had to be to work by 6am this morning, so I'd be getting ready for bed too. Oh and awkward moment, well not necessarily awkward, but important to note...

We were talking about Sex and the City, and by we I mean I brought it up. So he said "Yeah, I've seen quite a few of the episodes, my ex used to make me watch it with her, she had every season on DVD." Ok, first off, so do I. And I love it. And then it's always awkward when the ex is brought up annnnd I have something in common with her. But this was big, because when I first met him I never knew he had a girlfriend until I found out on Facebook (thank you internet for my stalking abilities!), and then I found out they broke up on there. All this time that I've known him he NEVER mentioned having a girlfriend, or breaking up with her, nothing. This was the first time he ever mentioned her. Progress? I believe so.

You have a "decorator", I have a "decorator"...Thank you Sex and the City

I don't know, this could be something. I'm thinking only time will tell. Plus there's still Plaid....But for tonight just the Boy Formally

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