dimanche 23 mars 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all!

So am I the only one who feels like it is entirely waaay too early to be Easter? No? Ok, good.
I'm such a bad Catholic, I did not go to church this morning. Instead I rolled out of bed after being out with Will until about 4am and got ready for the day around 2pm, which involved throwing on some clothes and still rocking my make up and hair from last night. I made it work. I'm sure you couldn't even tell. At least I hope not.

So today was a trip and a half. First off, obviously, I come from a big Italian family. So typically at Easter we eat some sort of big pasta dinner and salad and greens and all sorts of good stuff. We stopped making homemade canolis because they take a good few days to make. Now I realize that this all seems odd to people, because apparently the normal thing to do is to make ham or something of the sorts for Easter? We've never done this. I hadn't even heard of it until my step-dad (who is not Italian) brought a ham to his first Easter dinner with us. I didn't get it and neither did the rest of my family. Especially my Nonna (grandmother). She asked if it would be ok to feed it to the dogs. Crazy, I know. So anywho, I was informed that this year we would be having turkey for Easter dinner. Who does that?? I was a bit upset. Well I got there and we had turkey and ham, and pasta. Phew, some sort of tradition stayed in tact.

I stopped by my mum's house (where she and my step-dad live, obviously, with my little brother), and started a load of laundry, and while my brother and I were watching TV we were informed that my step-dads parents were coming to dinner. Dear God. This NEVER goes well. I almost had a mini panic attack. Imagine in your head "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and the guys parents and then the big Greek family.

So we all get there and manage to cram into my aunts small kitchen/dining room. And of course the first thing we do is start talking about the food, and what we normally do and what not. And most of this actually comes out in Italian (most of the Italian I know is about food as sad as that is. The only time my family would speak Italian around me would be in the kitchen or at the dinner table). So his poor parents just sat there, and finally his mum was like "Wow, I don't get to be around Italians that often." and my aunt was like "Well welcome!"

Oh man. And of course the dinner continued on from there, with lots of talking and bickering, because well that's what we do. About halfway through dinner I get a message from Will:

"Hi, it's me. Alcohol isn't even helping me at this point. I just wanted to see how you were holding up, happy Easter, and say hi to the family for me"

Will has always been a part of our family basically, so it was odd not having him at a family dinner. My aunt was like "Where is he?" and then of course my Nonna got upset "You told him he was invited didn't you? That should just go without saying, where is he??". I had to explain to them that he was with his actual family. My aunts response:

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting he actually has his own family, he's just always with us."

Way to go auntie. Way to go.

So I manage to escape early. And I'm not entirely sure how, but I did pull it off. Then I went back to my mums house, did some more laundry (yes, I still go home to do laundry, it's free, gotta love it). Talked to Will on the phone for a bit. Then my mum came home. For Easter this year I got a card and a $50 gift card for gas (YES! My tank was totally on E), and then she said "I have another present for you. Close your eyes and hold out your left hand". So I do, and this is what happens. I get this:

And yes, that is my left hand (I have a ring that I always wear on my right hand), and those are real diamonds and real gold. Now I'm not the biggest fan of gold at all, and I'm not too sure about the style of the ring, but that's not the point. It's the ring that my dad gave my mum on their 5th anniversary and my mum wanted me to have it. It's a little tight, but I'll make it work. I thought it was so sweet of her to do that. I just love her so much.

So in other news, the man fast is going quite well. I have yet to have any form of communication from Plaid. Really? Are we going to be that childish? Oh well.

Texter invited me to a party he's hosting this Friday night. I'm so not going. That just spells disaster. And I've decided since I'm stalling from studying anatomy, I'll give the back story here.

Texter and I met through a mutual friend at her birthday dinner/drinks. We met, and immediately hit it off. We'll call our mutual friend, Bean (one of her nicknames). Bean was so excited, and she could tell that we would be great for each other. He bought me a drink, we sat, we talked, it was a blast. After a while he asked if he could have my phone number and if he could call me sometime. Of course I happily gave it to him, I still thought he was a good guy at this point. So eventually I say I need to go, I have an exam to study for. And he asked me which one, I responded with Orgo. "No way! With _____ (our profs name)??" It turned out we were in the same class. Now this is really easy to have happen, because the lecture was over 180 students, and so in a massive lecture hall it's easy not to know if someone is in your class or not. So I stay for a little bit longer, and eventually have to leave. By the time I got home we were already texting each other, and he said we should "study" some time. Now all of his texts had a very sexual undertone to them, and were very flirtatious. So this goes on for a while, and I keep shooting him down because I know he just wants sex. One night when we were on the phone, he said to me "I keep trying to get you to go out with me, and I just keep on running into this brick wall that you seem to have put up. I'm getting sick of trying and not getting anywhere, so when you're ready for a date, or just to talk let me know. It's your move now." Now this really hit me, because I do this with guys. I put up a wall and I never let them get to close. So I think, alright, I do like him, he's a great guy, I'll give him a shot. So we hang out more and more, I get to know his friends, he meets E, she likes him, everything is going great. One night he tells me that he just wants to be with me, and take me out, I just have to name it and it's done. I can tell him I want to go anywhere, do anything, and he'll be there. Adorable right? So the next week after that was Snookie's going away party. So he was headed off to the bar and I was going over to her place with Will for the party, and our game plan was to meet up after that. He told me to call him when I left, or he'd call me when they were leaving the bar, which ever came first. So he called me, and it worked out great because it was right when we were leaving. So I told him I have to drop off Will and then I'd be over. "Ok great, I can't wait to see you." So I drop Will off, and then I head over to Texters place and I gave him a call (like I said I would to let him know I was on my way) and he was like "Yeah, if you want to see me at my best I wouldn't come over right now." To which I said "It's alright, it's not like I haven't seen you drunk from the bar before or been with your friends." And then he dropped the bomb. "Yeah, but I kinda brought this woman home from the bar with me. She's a real cougar. So it's up to you." WHAT?? You have got to be kidding me right? So I go over there and I just sat in my car in the parking lot for a good 20 minutes. I just couldn't bring myself to go in there. I couldn't do it. I knew in my heart he was a jerk and I deserved better. So I head home.

Now that would be the end of the story, but I decide that we can still be friends, because he is a funny guy and just all around fun to be with. Until after our winter break, I meet up with a girlfriend for dinner, and she told me that she had talked to Bean, and apparently in a nutshell, Texter had told Bean's roommate that I had said things about her and had started all of this drama, I don't even remember the details at this point. I don't even hardly know Beans roommate. We went out for dinner and drinks for Bean's birthday (which is when we met) and the three of us hung out and watched Grey's one night together. I thought she was a great girl, I don't know why he would say that I said bad things about her. So she got upset and said that Bean should never speak to me again and that she never wanted to see me ever again. Holy mess. So at the end of the day, Texter and I have not spoken since the first week in January, and I intend to keep it that way. Jerk be gone.

So I'm having a fashion crisis. I have no idea what to wear to court tomorrow. That's right, I'm going to court. In a nutshell I'm suing my former non-step-brother (Lifetime movie here I come). It's a long story, but it ends with me driving an hour and a half away with Will to a little town where my dad used to live to go to court, yet again. E had to borrow back her suit blazer that I borrowed from her since she has an interview tomorrow. So what do you wear to court? Decisions decisions. Will was so cute, he was like "Sweetie, you could wear your scrubs and still look better than those people."

Now I have nothing against small town people, it's not like I'm from the biggest city in the world. But this town where my dad lived has 2 stop lights and the only road into the town is over 20 miles long filled with corn fields and soy bean fields. The drive there kills me. And these people rock their 80's track suits and camo gear around town. Gag me. Will and I stick out like sore thumbs there. It's actually almost amusing. I'll figure something out.

Wow this has been a long post. If you made it all the way through, kudos to you. I'm sure I had more to say, but I honestly can't remember. And I really should stop stalling and get some studying done and get things ready for court tomorrow. Fun stuff.

I hope everyone has had a great Easter!

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Tipp a dit…

I love getting old pieces of jewelery from my parents!

It is so meaningful!

Glad you had a good Easter!