vendredi 21 mars 2008


Did I seriously just threaten legal action against the real estate company I rent my house through?


Crap, now do I call and apologize or no? It is just over snow being plowed. But not just any snow, a fucking blizzard that we've been getting all day.

Seriously. There's a foot of snow on the ground. And it's in our lease that if there is anything over an inch of snow we'll be plowed. So I called earlier to be sure that they were coming out. "Oh no problem, I'll call and check on that right now." I get home from work, and there is still a foot of snow on our driveway. My car can't even get half way in. It's currently stuck where I managed to park it out in front of my house.

So the phone call went like this. And by the way it went on the emergency maintenance line, and it was not in a nice or friendly tone. "Hi, it's _____, I live at _____, and there is a reason why I called earlier to be sure that our driveway would be plowed. There is now a foot of snow and my little car can't even get into it. And I have my lease sitting right her in front of me that states that you are responsible for snow removal. If there is not someone here tonight, I would be happy to discuss your breaking of our lease with my LAWYER in the morning." CLICK.

Bad idea to threaten legal action, or no? Should I call and apologize or would that make them under mind me? Who knows, maybe they'll actually listen. Or maybe I'll have one of my lawyers call them in the morning. I'll give them a few hours to get here. Or they could be getting yet another angry phone call in the morning.

I don't care if there is a blizzard going on, I still have a life and they still have to do their job.

I don't care if they plow at midnight so long as it gets done.

Nope, sooooo not apologizing. I am standing my ground.


I called and left a general message (not on the emergency line so they probably won't get it until Monday) apologizing for my tone, but not for what I said. I stated once again that it is unacceptable for them to break they're agreement that is in our lease, and I expect this to be taken care of tonight. I also expected to discuss their breaking of the lease with someone in the near future. I again apologized if I offended anyone and for my tone, and that I know that yelling is not a way to get anything accomplished. And then I thanked them for their time and understanding.

So help me God if my drive way is not plowed by tomorrow however I will be raising hell.

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Benjamin Boudreau a dit…

Smart move, dear. You don't want to piss off the folks who keep your place in ship-shape. Fingers crossed for a clear driveway!

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