jeudi 27 mars 2008

Rainy Days

I blame the weather for my lack of productivity today. Can I do that? I think I just did.

When I lived in Paris I was used to the rain. Sure every now and then you'd like to curl up and read a good magazine (not my orgo book) and just lounge around all day, but in Paris it just rained all the time in the winter. You just got used to it. Not any more though, you can tell I've been in the snow for way too long.

So here I am blogging instead of studying Anatomy. Today however I did take a psychology exam (Abnormal Child Psych, fun stuff right there, and I'm actually not being sarcastic this time, I love it), spent some quality time with my little brother (which is good, our mum is in Boston right now on work, so it's nice to spend time with him, and it's probably good for him too). So we watched "She's the Man" and just talked and had lunch and such. I can't believe he's 16 and driving. I remember myself and my friends at that age and it scares me. He's a good kid though. I've also done dishes, and read all of my orgo (even ahead of schedule, this NEVER happens). So now what I should do is work on Calc (my prof ho-ed my life last night in class, sheesh, I hate calc with a passion), and study Anatomy. But I don't wanna.

Yes, I am a grown (ish) woman, and I just said I don't wanna.

What I do want to do is just curl up on the couch and watch a movie and spoon with a guy. I wonder what S is doing...

I really am having those Sex and the City moments, when Carrie is just like "I need to feel the weight of a man on top of me" That would be amazing right now. You have no idea. Any takers? I'll be the big spoon or the little spoon, doesn't matter to me at this point.

Sigh, it looks like our rain is slowly trying to change over to snow.

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