mardi 25 mars 2008

Is there such as thing...

...As harmless sexual flirtation?

My opinion, yes.

But then again, apparently I'm wrong, and sexual flirtation can't be harmless. At least not to guys.

Am I sensing a double standard here? I think so.

Apparently when the flirtation crosses over from normal to sexual, the harmlessness goes away. If I say things to a guy, it's leading him on. If a guy were to do the same thing to a woman, he would be said to be suave and sexy, and the fact that he is also leading her on never comes into play.

Why is there still this double standard that women are supposed to be prim and proper, and the only time they're allowed to be sexual is in the privacy of her own bedroom (or whomever room she happens to be in), and should she be sexual, or heaven forbid, act like a man, she's dubbed a whore?

Am I the only woman out there frustrated by this fact?

Why can't I flirt without the expectation that I'll put out?


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Tipp a dit…

I agree totally a double standard. Just like when men who sleep around are pimps and the women are sluts and whores.