lundi 24 mars 2008

The legal system is screwing with me

The legal system is officially screwing with me.

Ugh. I drove an hour and a half with Will, to Hicktown USA (actually we'll call it Hooterville, not because of the boobs, but that's what my mum always called it because it reminded her of a town called Hooterville on a tv show she used to watch). So we drove all the way to Hooterville, because that's where the court is, yet again, for nothing.


I get all dolled up and looking professional, and Will is there in all his glory, and then we meet with one of my lawyers. All is good. We're supposed to go into court at 3, he's briefing me on the questions he's going to ask me and what not (because I guess I'm going to "take the stands" which is really just like sitting in a chair at the front of the room in this little court house). All is well. Then My lawyer goes and meets with the other lawyer (I'll have to come up with nicknames for my former step-brother and his lawyer and what not), and the judge. He comes back to me and says again, that the other side wants to make a deal, and I say, again, that I don't want to make a deal, we are taking this all to court. So he goes back. The judge doesn't want this to go to court.

What. The. Hell.

The other lawyer and this judge are playing these small town politics trying to push my lawyer and I around. And to top it all off, the judge said we couldn't actually do what we wanted to do today. What? He said that's not what we were scheduled for. Excuse me, last I checked a hearing before a judge is a hearing before a judge, why should it matter what it's about?? Sheesh. Never mind that I drove an hour and a half here to sit and just say everything that I've already said. And by the way, the last 20 minutes of the drive are through nothing but cornfields.

I don't have a life or anything. I didn't miss an entire day of classes that I really couldn't afford to miss today to go down there. Will didn't give up a day of his spring break just to go sit in those uncomfortable orange chairs for no good reason.

Ugh. So they want to meet some other time. Of course. Go figure.

It is sooooo unbelievably frustrating you have nooooo idea.

So we did that, then went to our coffee shop (the one small decent coffee shop that is down there) and got coffee. But get this, they were out of chai! Who runs out of chai?? Then we went and got two roses and I went to my dad's grave and put them there (I always do two roses, one from me and one from my little brother). And then we made our long journey home. Except I do think that we made better time coming home than we did going down there.

In other news, the girl downstairs moved in. She seems odd. I have yet to meet her, but when I pulled into the driveway tonight she was outside smoking with a very odd looking guy with long hair. And as soon as I got into my parking spot, they got right into her jeep and drove away, not as quickly as possible, but creeping so that they could get good looks at me. So odd. This should be more than interesting, I'm not sure how I feel about her at this point. But I won't judge. Yet.

So now I'm off with Will to go get some yummy deep dish pizza (that I have been craving since my mum and I watched a show about pizza on the Food Network) and then at 10 the Hills premier is on! Don't judge, Snookie got me hooked.

And I just got an invite to go cuddle with S....and he's excited about the Hills, this could be a good night after all.

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