mardi 18 mars 2008

Watch out people!

My little brother turned 16 today. My baby brother, the kid who will always be 5 to me, it today now legally allowed to drive on his own. Dear God that is a scary thought. So people on the roads everywhere, watch out!

So it's been a pretty stressful week. I have a feeling the next 3 or 4 weeks are going to be really rough. My roomie and I counted today and we have 23 more get-ups until finals week. My mum and I coined the term get up way back when. Instead of counting how many days we have left of school or until a certain date, we count how many days we have to get up out of bed. Hence the term, get ups.

We also found out today that there is going to be a girl moving in downstairs. Yay! I don't know why, but I assumed a guy would be moving in, but you know what they say about assuming things...
Anywho, I live in a house, and we have the upstairs, and then there are two single apartments downstairs. Nothing is shared, so it's like having completely separate places, just in the same house. And there have always been guys living downstairs. One of them will still be there, but the other guy moved out (so sad :( he was amazing), and I guess a girl is moving in on Monday. This should be interesting...

So since this is completely anonymous and you guys have no idea who I actually am (hahaha that sounds so funny to say) I feel like it's alright for me to say this next part even though I was told not to tell anyone because it's supposed to be a secret and they just made an exception in telling us because well, it's us.

My dad was killed in a car accident last summer. He was an EMT, and all sorts of EMT teachers. Saving lives was his life. He lived for it. I grew up with him going on emergency calls and riding in ambulances and doing and seeing all sorts of things normal kids don't get to see. It's probably why I want to be a doctor, because being surrounded by medicine is normal to me. So he was recently nominated by his peers for EMT of the year award. The national board made the exception to tell us the results early (we weren't supposed to find out until late April at the banquet with the rest of the EMT world), because my little brother was supposed to be going to NYC that week and would miss it, and he was willing to not go to NYC to go to this banquet. So we got the results today, and he didn't win. The board was so overcome with emotional letters and support and what not for my dad, that the decided that EMT of the year wasn't enough. They're giving him the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Holy crap. This is huge. I almost started crying when my mum told me. And to find that all out on my brothers birthday, just, so emotional to say the least. And they want to present it to my brother and I. I need to invest in some waterproof mascara is all I have to say. A friend of my dad's and one of his old colleagues made copies of about 15 letters that people had written in his support. She made copies for my brother and I, so I think I'm going to read them before I go to bed.

Really, if you know anyone who is an EMT, or in emergency medicine, or a fire fighter, or a police officer, just thank them whenever you have the chance. People say it's ironic and sad that my dad saved countless lives and yet his life was taken before someone had the chance to save his. So just thank them, for everything they do, and know that they will be there when you need them most.

It has been a rough week, but thanks to S we have this lovely quote to think about:

"The moment you feel like giving up, just remember why you held on for so long."

I am superwoman. I can totally do it all. Bring it world. I'm ready.
And the man fast is going quite well. :)

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